No time for ironing?

Would you like freedom from crumpled clothes?

... We are at your Serviss


We are a Swiss company active in the services to individuals.

Societal evolutions have made significant impacts on time and effort we could dedicate to certain home tasks

The objective of SERVISS is to do your home tasks as well as you would if you had the opportunity. We provide a professional response to your individual needs.

How we pick up your laundry

We try to make you save time

  1. At your home
  2. At strategic meet point on the way to your workplace (train station, parking)

Our rates


  • 10.- CHF per kilo (1 kilo minimum) + 3.8 CHF per shirt
  • Express* delivery fee: 10.- CHF per 5 kg

…your laundry being previously washed!

*delivery within 8 hours

Let us show you the four steps...
and we take care of all your needs!


Contact us

Simplicity and friendliness…

If you are already customer, please place your order in My Serviss.

If you are not a customer yet, please take a minute to register yourself and indicate your choices concerning the place and time frame for picking up and delivery your laundry.



We adapt to your habits of mobility…

We take your previously washed clothes and linen, either at your home or at the pick-up meet's point, on the way to your workplace

We weigh it, you sign

…and is done in less than a minute!



Our professionals take care of your linen with all the knowledge do which is necessary.

We iron it, bend it or put it on clotheshanger, according to your recommendations.

If there is an express order, we focus on it in order to deliver in the same day, 8 hours later.



Depending on your choice:

  1. We deliver at your home 24 hours later
  2. We deliver to you at the meet point, but the next day evening, from 17:30 when you go back to your home.

We adapt to your habits of mobility…